How convert wire scanner to wirless scanner

1: Product Introduction:

Normal barcode scanner after installed wireless barcode adapter SL-BA10 could be used as Bluetooth barcode scanner (wireless barcode scanner). And also could be used as portable data collector terminal when used with smart phone. It is suit for major barcode scanners in the world. SUMLUNG wireless barcode adapter could help you save 30%-50% cost compared to traditional Bluetooth barcode scanner.

Convert scanner to Bluetooth scanner

Scan to PC:  Scan to Windows mobile phone

Scan to Symbian mobile phone: 

2: Specifications

Dimensions:   105mm (L) *37mm (W) *34mm (D)
Weight:   50g
Color:  Jade White
Voltage & Current:   2 x AA(Recommended 2500mAH NiMH)
Battery Specifications:   32,000+ @(2500mAH NiMH + Symbol LS2208)
Number of scans per full charge:  12Hour @(2500mAH NiMH + Symbol LS2208)
Radio:   Bluetooth, Class 2, Version 2.0
Radio Range:   10 m;(typical indoor environment 12 typical outdoor environment 18 m)

3: How to use

* Insert SL-BA10 Adapter into Scanner (pull out the wire of the scanner)—Turn on SL-BA10 Adapter—Start your Application—Start to scan barcode.

* A software should be installed when first use.

4: Function

* Change barcode scanner to Bluetooth barcode scanner

* Change barcode scanner to Cordless Hand Scanner

* Scan barcode data to all kinds of smart phone or PC, POS terminal

* Barcode scanner +SUMLUNG SL-BA10 wireless barcode adapter=Bluetooth barcode scanner (Cordless Hand Scanner/)

* Barcode scanner + SUMLUNG SL-BA10 wireless barcode adapter + mobile phone/PDA= Portable Data Collector Terminal

5: Advantage

* Cost-effective, could save 30%~50% of the costs

* Wide use scope, suit for all Symbol wired barcode scanner

* Simple operation

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