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Hero jet5 Barcode scanner It seems like you’re requesting information about importing data for a Hero JE T5 project. However, your input is a bit unclear. Could you please provide more context or clarify your question? Are you looking for guidance on importing data into a Hero JE T5 project? If so, could you specify what kind of data you’re referring to and in what format you have it? The more details you provide, the better I can assist you.

Inventory via a USB data cable connection to a computer, entering data management-data import/export–waiting for the host command, computer displays counting letters, tools, interface devices, select the 60M letter.

After a successful import, the database on the machine counts when scanning the barcode, barcode displayed corresponds to the product information. Export data export data are divided into three categories: export directly export inventory information, the database export inventory information, serial number acquisition list. To export inventory information directly: 1. Modify the exported directly counting the configuration form, you can adjust the export data with the number of columns and column order. Properties total number of columns represents the total number of derived columns, and modify the value by clicking on refresh.

Hero jet5 Barcode scanner Export a database gathering inventory information and serial number information is similar to export inventory information directly.

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