Selecting three layer label for barcode tracking completes the manufacturing productivity and quality of the product itself. And maintains everything from production to product warranty

The right choice of Three layer Barcode label. We can do a lot of things together with three layer labels.At the same time we can do tracking and directional work in Barcode.

Type of Barcode label

  1. Single layer barcode label.
  2. Two layer barcode label .
  3. Three layer barcode Label.
  4. Multi layer Barcode label.

We will have a huge discussion of three layer label.

Why choose three layer label:

First layer label we can use for void type then Dual-function label is required, in which e layer barcode labels here today.Barcodes are more than the benefits of these three layer labels.

information appears upon peeling off the label that sits at the top. These labels are known as three-layer, peel and reseal labels, three-layer, double-layer or double-sided self-adhesive labels. Because there is still adhesive on the removed upper label, it can be glued back on another surface, for the upper label we add other information that uses another sticker for needed, for example a package list, order or any other document. .

Three layers labels are a good way of including more information about the product or instructions in several languages. The label’s layers can be re-sealed with the purpose of reading the information printed between them, but the layers are strongly stuck together on the edge and thus cannot be divided.

Our three  labels are ideal for pharmaceutical and medical labels, where regulations require product information to remain intact on the product. They are also suitable for labels with recipes in the food industry, promotions, lotteries, multilingual information, etc.

Double-sided labels are self-adhesive labels that allow you to print details on both the front and the back of your label where adhesive is applied. They are perfectly suited for products with see-through surfaces.


High efficiency:Print efficiency update to 50%-80% than paper material, printing thousands of papers per hour, printing the delivery information Conveniently and quickly by hand held terminal, reducing the person and mistakes and being energy saving and environmental protection.

Performance:It has the function of anti – corrosion, anti – wipe, waterproof and so on, the print can last long and be clear, and the information is large.

Easy to manage: Avoid not-clear handwriting for sending pieces, remove the process of express’s input and increase the efficiency of sorting, and also manage by net, raising the efficiency of logistics management.

Operate easily: Print is efficient and no jam.

Safe: The anti-fake is good , after the adhesion of the bottom and bearing material it will have the function of broking.It can also hide the recipient’s privacy information by the two dimensional code, and avoid consumer privacy


Develop the efficiency of logistics, and optimize the operation process.

The volume of information is large.

Farewell to handwriting distress and save the cost

Easy to handle.seer more customized labels please to three layer label.

Key advantage.

Many things can be done with the same label

User friendly

The bus is low

Time is saving

There is no mistake

Human error is low.

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